Homtown là một trong những chủ đề thường gặp trong các phần của IELTS Speaking. Trong bài viết này, chúng ta sẽ cùng nhau tham khảo những câu hỏi thường gặp và câu trả lời mẫu của ba phần thi IELTS Speaking chủ đề Hometown nhé. 

Tham khảo Sample IELTS Speaking chủ đề hometown

Tham khảo Sample IELTS Speaking chủ đề hometown

1. IELTS Speaking topic Homtown: Part 1

Trước tiên, chúng ta hãy cùng bắt đầu với Topic Hometown Speaking part 1, đây là phần đầu tiên của toàn bộ bài thi IELTS Speaking. Những câu hỏi phần này thường khá đơn giản và thí sinh nên trả lời một cách ngắn gọn. 

Cùng theo dõi những câu hỏi và câu trả lời mẫu dưới đây nhé. 

Question 1: What’s the name of your hometown and where is it?

Answer: Victoria is my hometown. It is a province located in the west of my country.

Question 2: Tell me about your hometown.

Answer: It has a breathtaking view of picturesque landscapes with rolling mountains and greenish lakes. However, due to the increasing economy, a number of businesses, especially in sugarcane, are invested in my hometown making it very promising.

Question 3: Is there anything you dislike about it?

Answer: Personally, it’s a bit boring for me because as a small town, there isn’t a shopping mall or any other means of entertainment. The streets don’t get very crowded as well. However, I believe that it is improving day by day and turning into a potential hotspot due to the increasing number of annual visitors.

Question 4: Do you think you will continue living there for a long time?

Answer: To be honest, I hope I could go there to visit my relatives and friends, but settling down is not part of my plan. I am now getting familiar with city life as there are more job opportunities here.

Question 5: Are there any changes you would like to make in your hometown?

Answer: I would like to ameliorate the infrastructure so that I can avoid being stuck in a traffic jam during peak hours.

Một số từ vựng đáng chú ý trong Sample IELTS Speaking chủ đề hometown trên là: 

  • Ameliorate: Cải thiện 

  • Hospitality: Sự hiếu khách 

  • Give someone a hand: Giúp đỡ ai đó 

  • To settle down: Ổn định cuộc sống 

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2. Hometown IELTS Speaking topic: Part 2

Tiếp nối phần đầu tiên, chúng ta cùng đến với Part 2 của phần thi IELTS Speaking. Với IELTS Speaking topics Hometown part 2, thí sinh sẽ có khoảng 2 phút để thuyết trình theo yêu cầu của ban giám khảo. 

Dưới đây sẽ là một bài mẫu để các bạn có thể tham khảo. 

Describe an interesting place in your hometown

You should say:

  • What it is?
  • How you can go there?
  • What do people do there?
  • And explain why you think it is an interesting place.

IELTS Speaking chủ đề hometown part 2

IELTS Speaking chủ đề hometown part 2

Câu trả lời mẫu: 

An interesting place in my hometown, Bangalore, is this decades-old bookhouse called Blossoms. So when one speaks about Bangalore, there are a few things they will definitely mention – the weather, without a doubt, the culture and people, the food and Blossoms. Blossoms Bookhouse is probably the most famous landmark in all of Bangalore. There’s nothing inherently special about it, it’s just a bookhouse, but it has been there for so long that it’s just a part of Bangalore, and rightly so. 

It’s on Church Street, a popular and busy segment of the city, and to get there, you can take public transport such as a BMTC bus or the metro. Blossoms house an exhaustive range of books, old and new alike. People come here from all over the city to read, browse and buy books. The rustic ambiance creates an environment where people feel comfortable. Blossoms buy old books too, so often you’ll find second and third-hand books there, but it’s all part of its rustic old-timey charm. It’s not a modern-looking place by any means.

It’s an average-sized bookstore, filled with books all around from ceiling to floor and across the walls – and somehow, it has weaved its way into every Bangalorean’s heart. I think it is an intriguing place because it is so different from all that Bangalore is known for, but it still is at the very heart of the city. 

Everybody has a different connection to Blossoms book house, and each connection is special in its own way. How one tiny bookstore made such a big impact in this large metropolitan city will always amaze me.

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C. IELTS Speaking Part 3: Topic Hometown

IELTS Speaking chủ đề hometown Part 3 có cấu trúc và cách trả lời tương tự như Part 1. Tuy nhiên những câu hỏi ở phần này có độ khó nâng cao hơn. Cùng theo dõi một vài câu hỏi và câu trả lời mẫu nhé. 

IELTS Speaking topics hometown part 3

IELTS Speaking topics hometown part 3

Question 1: Why do people have a very strong bond with their hometown?

Answer: People have a strong bond with their hometown because that is the place where are born and that it is the place where all their friends or loved ones dwell.

Question 2: Some people want to live in their hometowns for the rest of their lives. Why?

Answer: People desire to live in their hometowns because they are well connected and well aware of the place. Some people feel that the staying close to a family member can be a distraction and they want to go far from them to achieve their set goals objectives.

Question 3: What is the main reason for liking a hometown other than the fact you were born there?

Answer: Yes you are right, the first reason people like their hometowns is the fact that they were born there. The other reason for liking the hometown is that people are

Question 4: What do people do to remember their hometowns or to keep them alive in their hearts?

Answer: One thing people might do is that they try to meet the people who were of the same city or they can also keep their hometowns alive in their hearts buy celebrating the carnival or festivals which were celebrated in the hometown.

Question 5: Do people with the same hometown have a similar thinking? Why

Answer: That is not possible. I agree that people living in the same area might agree on something, but there is no way that people living in the same hometown would have a similar thinking. Even the people who are living in the same place would have conflicting views.

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